Wild Sunday Morning Expected

Forecast Snow CT1122

Everything is coming together for an absolutely wild Sunday morning of weather across the state. Set your alarms for the show that will peak from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m..


An absolute nuke of a low pressure (compact but very intense) is expected to track across Long Island Sound. Most of our models show an exceptionally intense band of lift over Connecticut. Take for instance the NAM which shows nearly -70ubar/sec of lift right in the heart of the snow growth zone (-15c). What does that mean? An unusually efficient production of fluffy snow flakes will occur with exceptional snowfall rates. The RGEM (pictured above) goes nuts with the precipitation and in some parts of the state drops nearly 1.0″ inch of liquid!!!!


As the “nuke” passes by the barometric pressure will rise very quickly (>10 mb in 3 hours according to the NAM) which will lead to a brief period of ferocious winds. Gusts over 60 mph are possible.

Now, some of this will begin as rain and at least initially we will lose a bit to melting. That said, I do think there will be a narrow band of 1″-3″ of snow – but there is a shot that a small area (geographically) picks up 6″ of snow. This storm is so compact there will be many who are shut out from the storm but some who will get absolutely walloped.

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