Snow, Ice, Rain & Wind

A storm moving in Monday and Tuesday will bring a bit of everything to Connecticut. We’ll start off with some snow for the evening commute on Monday. This initial wave of precipitation is due to warm advection. Basically, the wind is transporting warmer air north dislodging the cold already in place resulting in lift in the atmosphere.


So, the timing won’t be great and amounts won’t be too great either. This has the look of a relatively minor 1″-3″ kind of deal. What comes after is more of a bummer.

The cold air will be slow to depart and our computer models are notoriously fast in dislodging low level cold. The high resolution NAM does a nice job of showing the cold lingering in the Connecticut River valley through 7 a.m. Tuesday. In fact, while it’s 30F at Bradley Airport its 49F in Willimantic. This is a completely plausible solution!


So, after our snow we’ll be able to add a nice glaze of ice on top of things. Ice will likely linger through the Tuesday morning commute in the Connecticut River Valley near and north of Hartford, the Farmington Valley, as well as the east slopes of the Litchfield Hills. Elsewhere, the torch will have begun.

With a storm tracking to our west temperatures will spike into the 50s in many areas on Tuesday with heavier rain moving in. Gusty winds are possible as well Tuesday as a low level jet develops overhead – some of which will be able to mix down to the ground. 50 mph wind gusts are not out of the question in coastal Connecticut.

3 thoughts on “Snow, Ice, Rain & Wind”

  1. Hi Ryan. I hope you don’t mind my asking if you can check out FL temps from Feb 25th for a week. LOL. I am going to postpone if it does not go into the 70s! Fort Myers.


  2. The good thing is that with all the rain and 50 – 55 F temps coming it should wipe away most of the snowcover. Then the rest of the week the sun and above normal temps will heat the ground more effectively.

    So happy meterological winter 2015/2016 is over in less than 15 days….and we had below normal snowfall and above normal temps!

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