Brutal Sunday Morning Cold


This is one heck of an Arctic blast. Last night Albany broke their record for coldest 850mb temperature recorded by a weather balloon with an exceptional reading of -31C. Getting those kind of readings over Connecticut is quite unusual!


So, how did the numbers shake out?

  • -12F in Hartford is the coldest temperature since February 1996 and is tied for the 24th coldest of all time.
  • -6F in Bridgeport is the coldest temperature since 1984 and tied for the second coldest temperature since records began (only 1948).
  • -1F in Central Park/NYC is the coldest since January 19, 1994 and tied for 41stĀ coldest all-time.
  • -9F in Boston is the coldest temperature since January 15, 1957 and tied for the 20th coldest all-time.

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