Extremely Cold Weekend

We have some really impressive cold on the way this weekend. While we may not set records for the day the combination of cold and wind will be brutal.


By Saturday morning the core of the cold will be over eastern Ontario. With 850mb temperatures of -40º this is an exceptionally impressive blast of cold. In fact, SUNY Albany professor and meteorologist extraordinaire Lance Bosart would refer to this as the “creme de la creme” with a -40º isotherm appearing.

Obviously, this will modify some before reaching New England. Still, it will be a shock to the system. By 7 p.m. Saturday the GFS is forecasting 850mb temepratures (about 5,000 feet up) of -30C over parts of Connecticut. If a -30C 850mb temperature is measured during the evening weather balloon launch in Albany it would be the 5th coldest on record. The all time record for Albany of -30.4C from 1/4/82 is in jeopardy.


This kind of Arctic outbreak is exciting for meteorologists like me who love to drool at weather maps and soundings. The tropopause will be exceptionally low Saturday night across the state. This forecast sounding shows the stratosphere beginning around 800mb or about 6500 feet above our heads! You’ll almost be able to sniff the Ozone!!!!


You can also see how low the dynamic tropopause is on this map off the GFS showing the core of the cold right over southern New England. In fact the dynamic tropopause is lower here than anywhere in our slice of the hemisphere south of 60N.


So – enjoy the cold this weekend if you can. Stay inside and read a book or watch some movies. If you’re skiing or snowshoeing throw on an extra layer or two and you’ll be just fine!

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  1. It ‘s amazing we will go from highs near 15 or 20 F on Sat/Sun…to near 50 F by Thursday next week!. I’m guessing whatever snowcover we have will be gone with the rain and warm temps next week.

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