Impressive Cold

Extreme Cold, brutal cold, dangerous cold, bitter cold, frigid cold. I generally hate adjectives placed before the word cold – more often than not it’s a bunch of hype. This shot of cold, however, may actually deserve a few of those adjectives!

Our computer models are showing some eye-popping numbers. Getting to -10 in parts of Connecticut on a radiational cooling night isn’t that impressive – being able to do it on a night where the wind stays up IS impressive.


So, how cold will it get? I’m willing to bet Bradley Airport gets to -5 with winds sustained around 20 mph tomorrow morning. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. There’s an outside chance that Bradley will dip to -10 for the first time since January 19, 1994. In Bridgeport temperatures will probably get to 0 degrees tonight for the first time since 2011. In January 2004 the mercury reached -2.

The one station I’ll be watching most carefully is Central Park. While getting to 0 is unlikely if it happens it would be the first time since 1/19/1994.


The 925mb temperature in Atlantic City (the closest upper air site) that morning was -24.7C – which is colder than what is modeled tonight (-22C). However, north of the city in Albany the 925mb temperature was -25.5C while tonight the forecast is a -27C temperature at 925mb. If you interpolate the two -Hmmmmmmmm.


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