Blizzard on the Way

This storm is shaping up to be a beauty. A classic New England snowstorm that will produce gusty winds, heavy snow, and possibly more than a foot of accumulation.



The storm will pass near 40N/70W – what we refer to as “The Benchmark” and will feature a cold Canadian high pressure to the north. This type of setup implies there is the potential for over a foot of snow.

The worst of the storm will likely be Monday night and Tuesday morning. Our computer models show the potential for wind gusts over 60 mph in southeastern Connecticut during the height of the storm.

bufkitprofileYou can see winds of 63 knots (over 70mph) at the top of the “mixed layer” on this forecast sounding for Groton. That implies winds approaching that level could be mixed down during the storm.

This one will be big – we’ll be able to get more specific with ┬ánumbers and timing after the midday suite of computer guidance.


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