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On Tuesday evening (our time) Typhoon Wipha passed east of Tokyo bringing hurricane force winds to parts of eastern Japan. The storm, currently weakening and undergoing extratropical transition will become a powerful baroclinic low over the northern Pacific over the coming days.

Why should anyone care? The recurving typhoon will help pump up a monstrous ridge over Alaska and adjacent western Canada. This will effectively dislodge cold air over the North Pole and send it south into the United States.



Eventually, this pattern change will help drive some cold air south. The first push of cold air will be over the upper midwest this weekend. Initially, the storm track will be west of us which will maintain an at or above normal weather regime in place over southern New England. Both the Euro and GFS ensembles indicate that eventually the trough and chilly will ooze east bringing a shot of chill to New England for the last 7 days of the month.

m850t_f264_bg_NAEnjoy the next 5-7 days of above normal temperatures – changes are ahead and you have Typhoon Wipha to thank.


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