Flash Flooding!

Extremely heavy rain produced staggering rainfall totals in northwestern Connecticut today including a record tying (so far) 3.75″ at BDL.



The flooding was impressive with water rushing down main street right outside of the Warner Theatre in Torrington.



The good news is the excessive rain and extensive cloud cover limited destabilization and mitigated the severe weather potential.

1 thought on “Flash Flooding!”

  1. A pretty narrow area of 5″ rains in Canton. I am a touch South of routes 202 & 44 so I ‘only’ got 3.28″ but just a mile or so North got the 5″. There was about 1.75″ in 15 minutes in mby so I imagine those with the highest totals had like 3.75″ in a bit less than 30 minutes, lol.

    Very close to 40″ on the year

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