A Bit of Blue Sky

Standing up at the summit in hurricane force winds and zero visibility is eerie. It’s a bit spooky knowing that you’re at the top of New England and you can barely see 10 or 15 feet in front of you. This morning, shortly after sunrise, we actually saw a bit of blue sky and a bit of sun.



It does look like a scene out of Star Wars. My geeky friends on Twitter wanted me to say hello to the people in the Dagobah system. Will do!



After an awesome pancake breakfast we’re doing some last minute shooting up here at the summit and getting ready to head down. The journey down the mountain in a snow cat should take about 2 hours and the trip back home will take about 5 hours. It will be nice getting in my own bed tonight – and this experience is one that I’ll take with me for a lifetime!

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