Lots of Wind

Check out the 12z GFS and how windy it gets by 15z on Saturday. 50-60 knot winds around 850 mb (thanks to a stronger and further south low pressure) with a mixed boundary layer to about 875mb. This would mean wind gusts up to 50 mph in a few towns Saturday morning especially if the sun can come out and mix up the atmosphere. A strong pressure rise (isallobaric component) should promote strong winds as well. As for the risk of accumulating snow, a few of our models still have a wound up CCB which may promote some accumulation in the hilltowns (no more than an inch) Friday night. We’ll see how this plays out but it’s not looking like a big deal for 95% of us thanks too warm boundary layer temperatures. Big time snows though in the upslope regions of VT! Skiers and riders are saying hallelujah to that!

Have a good Thanksgiving!!


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