Not So Fast… Update on Friday Night/Saturday AM Storm

Moments after I posted my last entry I got a look at the 12z Euro which spins up yet another massive storm, stalls it east of the NH seacoast, and delivers a massive CCB thump of rain/snow to all of SNE. QPF values >0.5″ for most of us.

850s look cold enough for snow but there will most certainly be boundary layer issues at the coast. The Euro looks to me like 2-4″ or 3-6″ of snow in the interior hills of SNE with little accumulation for BOS/BDL/PVD/BDR.

This is by far the most amped up (and amplified!) solution so I’m not biting yet.

Torch is still on (on the Euro) for the following week with a Lakes Cutter.

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